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My McAfee is going REALLY Slowly when i try to open it! Why?

Right so this has just happened in the last 2 weeks, i have 3 user protection and when i right click on McAfee it doesnt come up with anything then after about 5 minutes it comes up with the white sidebar for McAfee, thats not the only slow thing, when i click Open security center it comes up with McAfee on the desktop you know when its loading and then it takes 10 minutes or more just to load up and its REALLY annoying, how can i fix it? It doesnt do that on any other programs!

-Also my protection keeps on going off for some reason and i just click fix and it fixes itself but thats quite annoying as well.

Please help

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Re: My McAfee is going REALLY Slowly when i try to open it! Why?

Sorry I can't help yet.  I am seeeing similar trouble.  When I logon to windows I have to wait for at least 2 minutes for McAfee to be up.

Everytime, right after I logon to Windows, I open Window's Control Panel's Security Center and see that I have neither Firewall nor Malware protection for about 2 minutes. Since I am connected to the Internet via DSL when I start up my pc, does that mean I am open to attacks for 2 minutes?  I want to know, what can I do so that McAfee is the first thing running?

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