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Most recent McAfee update blocks my blog

Ever since installing the new McAfee Security Center update yesterday, I can't access my remotely-hosted blog.  Other internet content loads OK, but not my blog (which has its own domain), nor its BlueHost control panel.  Anybody else having similar issues with capricious site blocking? 

McAfee came with my new Dell PC.  I figured I'd use it until the subscription expired and then install Microsoft Security Essentials, which serves my other computer fine.

Maybe I'll yank it now instead.

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Re: Most recent McAfee update blocks my blog

Best to contact Chat tech support they should be able to sort this out. Link in useful links tab above. If any uncertainity ask for an escalation call back.

That said I assume the blog's domain is not red flagged by siteadvisor. Could be to access cpanel you may need to allow a port or two access. Saw this mentioned on the bluehost forum.

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