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More users than licensed for?

I received an e-mail indicating that I have 4 comuters using my McAfee account.  I have 3 and my wife does not use McAfee; she has other virus protection (I don't know of anyone else who might be using it).

How do I identify what computers are being detected?

Why am I unable to change my profile to only show three users?

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Re: More users than licensed for?

At the moment the account page isn't changeable by you, except to rename machines and stop the auto-renewal of the account.  A phone call to Customer Service might sort this out for you as they control all that side of things.

It's free and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.  There's also the online chat option of you prefer.

If it also offers you an email option I advise you not to use that as it's very slow that way.

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