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Missing McAfee taskbar icon

I noticed that my McAfee taskbar icon went missing.  Upon startup it appears and then disappears.  Oddly enough I could not get into McAfee Total Protection.  There should be another way to open up the McAfee Total Protection menu without the taskbar icon.  I downloaded the  MCAfee Virtural Technician and it identified several problems but could not fix it. I had to download the removal tool, uninstall and re-download and re-install McAfee again.

If you are experiencing this problem you may have to re-install McAfee.  I think the cause of my problem was in running "RegClean Pro".  It must have altered the McAfee registry entry on my Vista 64 Home Premium system.  Heads up if you run this registry cleaner! Next time I run this program, I'm going to have to verify that it's not going to clear any McAfee registry entry.

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Re: Missing McAfee taskbar icon

If it wont open from your Start/All Programs menu then yes, something is wrong and registry cleaners are often the cause.  In those cases the only solution is to uninstall, run the MCPR cleanup tool and then reinstall after a reboot.

That's why I have stopped recommending registry cleaners for the last few years ever since one decided to wipe my LAN (internet connection) off the face of the Earth.

Reputable ones should have a restore function, but of course that means restoring everything or nothing.

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