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Mcshield.exe High Virtual Memory Usage.. again!!

Yes again a customer suffering with this problem… , Mcshield.exe is killing my computer(and my patience). Huge virtual memory usage combined with picks of CPU usage up to 60% and cycling. I don’t want to (again) have to uninstall with 2patches, install and continue after some weeks with the same problem… I have wasted enough of my time.

On the other hand I’ve been continuously receiving  warnings of "my computer is at risk" for the renewal of old the Antivirus Plus although I had bought newer Internet security.

I had enough… I have just unistalled this software and installed Microsoft essesntials  although I still had six months more of subscription.. Hope my testimony helps and encourage McAfee to improve usability ..... and hope I don’t have to fight now to avoid the automatic renewal and the charges of in my credit card …

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Re: Mcshield.exe High Virtual Memory Usage.. again!!

Hi there,

Sorry for the trouble caused with the issue. Please let us know the below details so as we may assist you here;

What is the computer’s operating system ?

RAM size:

How old is the PC?

Check in your control panel for any other security software ?

Version details :

McAfee Security center version :

McAfee Virus scan version :



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