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Mcaffe Total Protection clashing with Punkbuster "Punkbuster handshake failed" "punkbuster heartbeat stopped"

Running BFBC2, have been for several months now, through Steam...all of a sudden, Mcaffe suddenly denies PB access, with the in-game "PunkbusetrA/B handshake failed" or "Punkbuster A/B heartbeats stopped".
Punkbuster has always been on my allow always list, yet still gets blocked, ergo, not allowing me to accesss my games, i.e: Battlefield Bad company 2, which uses punkbuster to avoid cheats/hacks. this has only occured in the past week. I have reinstalled/updated PB, but the only thing that lets me play without PB getting blocked is to turn off the firewall, which, obviously, is not a good idea...iI have done various tests,i.e updating PB, reinstalling pb as stated, deleting and re-applying the PB A/B exe files to the firewall exception list, and the only thing that ABSOLUTELY guarantees me unblocked/unbroken access to BFBC2 with no PB error is to turn off the Mcafee firewall...anyone else with this error/ problem? any viable and sound solutions?   Discuss....

on 22/06/10 17:03:11 CDT
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