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Mcafee update sleep mode problem

Since the last update my computer wont stay in sleep mode more than 30secs after that it just comes back on.  Im positive its the mcafee update that is causing the problem because I have tested it 4 different times by updating it trying to go into sleep mode then it wont work, then do a system restore back to previous version of mcafee and I go and stay into sleep mode fine.  I have just turned mcafee updates off so I dont have to deal with it.  Would be a big help if somone knows how to solve this problem because I like to stay updated with mcafee if I can.

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Re: Mcafee update sleep mode problem


In order to check for the issue and to come up with a fix ,

kindly update us with the following information’s:

McAfee Product: Total Protection / Internet Security, etc..?

Version details of installed McAfee Product:
(Navigation: Open McAfee product > Click About on the top right)

McAfee Security Center:

McAfee Virus Scan:

DAT version:

McAfee Personal Firewall:

Version details of Browser: Internet Explorer?

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