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Mcafee keeps disabling itself.

Once every few hours, It pops up saying You are not protected, And I have to click Fix now and it works again for a few more hours. I tried re installing but that only helped for about a few weeks. It disables the real time virus scanner and the spyware scanner. Also, I looked in my event viewer, And it said Mcafee Real time scanner service is the thing that it messing up. I scanned and no viruses. What's the problem? I have Securty center 9.15 that I got for free from Cox (Downloaded it)


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Re: Mcafee keeps disabling itself.

Windows XP, Vista or Win 7 ?  Also, do you have any other AV (anti-virus) or AS (Anti-Spyware) installed ?  (Products like SpySweeper, Spybot S&D (resident/tea timer), the new Ad-Aware, or AV's like AVG etc).

Re: Mcafee keeps disabling itself.

I have Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit, And no, Mcafee is the only securety software I have installed

Re: Mcafee keeps disabling itself.

You may wish to follow the related thread "Re: "Your Computer is Not Fully Protected" on this forum.  It seems that the problem you describe fits with that thread.

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Re: Mcafee keeps disabling itself.

Normally this happens only on 2 scenarios:

1. There may be some issues with the Hard Drive/ Operating System

2. The computer might be infected by Malware

How old is the computer? If the computer is more than 3 or 4 years old then I believe formatting and reinstalling Windows would be a better idea...

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Re: Mcafee keeps disabling itself.

Hi silverwolf22,

Can you also mention if you are or had used any other antivirus program on your computer before apart from McAfee.

Re: Mcafee keeps disabling itself.

I have the same problem too! it's driving me nuts! I have never had any other antivirus program on this laptop. It came with McAfee, and our campus internet system requires it, so every time it gets disabled, I get kicked off the internet.

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Re: Mcafee keeps disabling itself.


Sorry for the inconvenience faced, could you specify the error message diplayed under the Fix button.

May I know are you behind a proxy server at the campus ?


Dinesh K

Re: Mcafee keeps disabling itself.

Well, Fast forward two months, Mcafee allowed my PC to be destroyed by a nasty virus. I now ditched Mcafee and went with AVG Free, And no problems since.

Soooo glad Mcafee came with my ISP for free, Or i'd be pretty PO'ed

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Re: Mcafee keeps disabling itself.

McAfee does indeed keep disabling itself. Once every hour or so. It used to be only a couple of times a day, but now it's constant.

"Am I Protected" No

I keep using the fix button and it does work, but only briefly.

The message under Am I Protected says "Part of your protection must be fixed"

it always shuts off Computer & Files and E-mail & IM

I'm on Windows XP Professional V 2002 SP3

Intel 6400, 2G of RAM

I'm using McAfee SecurityCenter Version 9.15,

VirusScan Version 13.15 with DAT Version 5960

provided by RCN cable

I also use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.45

I just tried using the McAfee Virtual Technician but it came back with the message:

"McAfee Virtual Technician cannot check your computer"

"Cannot find McAfee products on your system." - Which is clearly not true.


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