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Mcafee internet security 2012 Will not instaLL.

I got this error: "McAfee Integrated Security Platform Installer has encountered a problem and needs to close"

Specifically when i click on details its: install.exe. This error occurs imediately when trying to install. I ran the Mcafee Virtual technition. I ran the MCafee removale tool. I'm up to date on windows updates(critical and non critical) I have msxml installed with the latest version. I dont have any other anti-virus on the machine. My system is clean according to Stinger(file that comes with mcafee on the disk).

What is going on!? Why won't the dang thing install!?

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Re: Mcafee internet security 2012 Will not instaLL.

Oh and My compouter specs are:

Windows xp SP3,

Pentium 4 CPU

4 GB of ram

40 GB free HDD space.

I ran the Mcafee Pre installer everything was green good to go!

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Re: Mcafee internet security 2012 Will not instaLL.

Hello there,

Please follow these step by steps before installation and everything should work well;

Open Internet explorer – Click on Tool (at the top bar)

Click on Windows update and install any available udpate

Create a new user profile in windows (as administrator)

Run MCPR tool from here and restart the PC :

Switch user to that new user account that you created

Run the McPreinstall tool from here :

Reinstall your McAfee suite , If you still have issues, please click on useful links at top of this page and give a call to our Technical support experts and they would get it fixed for you.

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