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Mcafee Using 332,000kb Ram

Mcafee through Mcshield.exe is using ~332mb of ram from my computer.

The process doesn't show up in task manager and I had to go into resource monitor to even get a look at it.

332mb for a antivirus seems excessive. Is this normal? Is there a fix for it? And if there isn't, how do I get a refund?

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Re: Mcafee Using 332,000kb Ram

maybe have a look at your exclusions? what other programs do you have running on this server, backup exec maybe?

Re: Mcafee Using 332,000kb Ram

here is a great article with exclusions that constantly being updated:

Re: Mcafee Using 332,000kb Ram

Is this the home version or enterp[rise. The home version 12.* of security centre on access scanner uses that much ram and mcshield is 1 program that is covered by it. Yes it does use this much mine at this time is sitting at 384Mb.

I will reask the techsbut provided you are not on 512Mb ram It should run fine. The specs say 2Gb ram for windows7/8/vista and teh 512mb for xp is a tad low.

Re: Mcafee Using 332,000kb Ram

@minion: I managed to account for all ram being used by my computer by taking total avaliable ram and subtracting reserved + major processes.

@PK: My laptop has 4GB of ram so it's not much of an issue when I'm not going anything other than browsing. But when I try to go into video editing or gaming I actually manage to cap out ram at 95-99%.

This is the home verson of Mcafee Internet security. The only reason I made a post is because I bought a 3 PC package and a roomate is running the same Mcafee AV version. However his resource draw is at a little less than 80mb, 1% cpu whereas mine is hovering from 330-350 with 1-5% cpu usage.

I've tried toggling active scanning on and off without any change in resource usage.

Re: Mcafee Using 332,000kb Ram

Strange what version are you both using? You both on the same operating systems?

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Re: Mcafee Using 332,000kb Ram

Whichever the latest version is.

Both systems are running Windows 7 Home Premium. My original resource draw was roughly the same as my roomates when I first installed Mcafee. But after running a full scan it shot up.

Re: Mcafee Using 332,000kb Ram

Try setting use minimal resources in scheduled scan settings. From what the techs say there will be a fix re lowering the usage out soon though why your mastes PC is so low beats me. Mine again was 379mb after boot.