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Mcafee Is Dead After Update, Cannot Access Anything, Keeps Uninstalling etc


My Mcafee Internet Security Suite apparently downloaded the latest update, I presume when it first came out as I only noticed that it was 'stuck on update' when I went to double click on it a week or so ago and found that I couldn't open the program at all. Since then I have had the following problems:

  • Mcafee won't open up the main screen at all
  • Mcafee has been stuck on Updating since the update came out
  • Mcafee stops internet access to specific programs
  • Mcafee stops the computer from restarting normally (everything just freezes)
  • Mcafee keeps uninstalling itself randomly (nothing else has been affected, changed or damaged, just Mcafee so that's interesting)
  • Mcafee won't uninstall or reinstall normally
  • Mcafee won't allow links to be clicked on the main screen when it does eventually open (we're talking like 6 or 7 full/clean re-installs down the line)
  • Mcafee won't allow settings to be accessed at all after the main screen when, on the extremely rare off chance, that I do manage to get through
  • Mcafee keeps resetting specific settings like Traffic Controller, Smart Advice And Advanced Settings, Intrusion Detection, My Network Settings and Anti-Spam.

The most interesting thing about all of the above is that they all seem to make it look as though there's a virus of some kind of malware on board, or someone's hacked my system and has taken control of it. Except for one thing. There are no other problems, it is just Mcafee that is affected, this has only started happening since the last update and multiple scans with other virus checkers in the meantime, spyware/malware checkers etc show nothing. Not even in safe mode.

I waited for a few hours as I was watching a film, then tried restarting - which my computer completely failed to do - and had to power the thing off altogether. When I booted the computer up again, the program started re-downloading the update that it obviously failed to do last time, and then got stuck on the same message.

It must have blocked certain programs like Google Chrome because all of a sudden I couldn't access any page on GC, and I thought that it must have had something to do with our new router - even though that hadn't had any problems at all since we'd gotten it. Funny thing was, I could access the internet on Firefox, Skype etc but not Google Chrome. Even after a restart, Chrome wasn't working but it was one of the few programs affected.

I have just booted my computer up again, and realised that Mcafee has uninstalled itself again. This must now be the 20th time (literally the 20th time, I've been counting) that I have uninstalled and re-installed Mcafee since this update, just trying to get it to install, let alone run or even work. I have done full uninstalls every time and have used CCleaner with a secure 32-pass wipe to clean up any files left wandering around in the background, so everything should have been completely clean. I have then powered off completely (not just restarted), and upon re-powering re-installed the software and done the normal restart as required. (I made sure that CCleaner wasn't running just before, during and after the re-install and reboot just incase that wiped any files and interfered with things, so it definitely wasn't that clearing stuff that it wasn't supposed to be and messing the install up.)

Everytime I re-install though, I notice something interesting. A different part of Mcafee stops working and another part starts working. Most of the time I can't get access to the main screen at all. When I can, I clicked on Firewall and get the second screen with the three links - Firewall, Anti-Spam and Web Settings. That's as far as I can go. All the links appear to be dead.

Update: Today is the first time that I have managed to get onto the Firewall settings properly. Last night I re-installed yet again and as predicted, all of the settings had to be re-done. Once I'd saved them again, I did a proper reboot to make sure that everything got saved. Loaded the computer up again - couple of settings had been changed but the rest were fine. Re-installed yet again, did the same reboot, everything fine. Now the settings have been changed again today. Mcafee seems completely unable to save settings for some reason.

Only a few months prior, Mcafee had a problem where it would keep opening the main screen randomly and you would have to keep closing it. It's done that once since that stopped happening majorly, but I am very suspicious about all of these settings changes. It really is like someone has taken control of Mcafee.

Does anybody know what is going on here and will it be fixed?

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Re: Mcafee Is Dead After Update, Cannot Access Anything, Keeps Uninstalling etc


                              If I may ask, did you use the latest MCPR  After removing your McAfee software from your Control Panel/Programs and Features/Remove/Restart?  If the problem still exists, I suggest that you try running as a second opinion Malwarebytes (Free) which can be obtained from here;

In addition you can always Contact Support to assist you. You can also try running the latest Version of McAfee Virtual Technician to see if it detects any issues, which can be obtained from the (Support) Link Inserted.

All the Best,


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Re: Mcafee Is Dead After Update, Cannot Access Anything, Keeps Uninstalling etc

I also suggest that you (Disable) Intrusion Detection if enabled, as it can cause issues with the Consumer Version. Even when enabled at the (Basic) setting.

In addition I advise to please do not use Registry Cleaners, even CCleaner even though it is a reptuable one. Especially in regards to the (Registry). For they can cause more harm than good. Elect to use your 'Quick Clean' feature provided from McAfee, or alternatively (Disk Clean) from Windows.

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