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Mcafee Host has a problem................STILL!

Had this, and McafeeSrvHost has a problem,

and had to close,

Mcafee Host has encountered a problem and needs to close.  I have removed Mcafee Total Protection, re-downloaded re-installed and 45 minutes latrer I have the same problem. I sometimes how we used to waste all our time before we all had computers, must have had time to watch paint drying.

Any more ideas to get rid of this problem, its a pain in arm.


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Level 18

Re: Mcafee Host has a problem................STILL!

Is this McHost, or McSvHost? They're two different McAfee services, and the problem will have a different cause depending on which one you mean.

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Level 20

Re: Mcafee Host has a problem................STILL!

Ahem to that comment.

Mchost.exe error caused by having alcohol 120% software installed easy fix available

Mcsvhost error can be helped by disabling netguard a firewall feature. A fix coming in a couple of weeks it have been held up due to a bug or 3 in another fix included in the patch.

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