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McSvHost.exe hogging CPU capacity

In past two weeks.  McSvHost.exe hogging constant 49-51% of CPU with mcshield.exe using 1 - 44% as read by task manager -"process" with NO applications open or running.  Any idea as to cause?   This is with or without real time scanning activated on McAfee.

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Re: McSvHost.exe hogging CPU capacity

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Which one takes up the CPU, MCSvHost or McShield? Or is it both, as you imply, taking 49% and 41% respectively?

Re: McSvHost.exe hogging CPU capacity

Long threads on both



The mcsvhost seems to be caused mostly by the firewall netguard feature try disabling it , there ius a fix coming next patch release.

the mcshiled well that is harder is your PC a P4 with single core cpu?

Post the specs please.

I now have a test PC that Mcafee can work on it has this issue.

Re: McSvHost.exe hogging CPU capacity

I just downloaded the latest McAfee patch (4/28/12) and apparently that solved the problem with no other changes being made.   The CPU capacity devoted to McSvHost.exe has dropped from a continual 49 - 51% to 0-1%.

Re: McSvHost.exe hogging CPU capacity

Were you getting popup error messages?  We were not told of any releases re fixes so will ask

Re: McSvHost.exe hogging CPU capacity

No pop up error messages were found regarding McAfee.   Is it possible that the restart after downloading the McAfee update could have reset the McSvHost.exe?

Re: McSvHost.exe hogging CPU capacity

This update was big so I hear but noone warned us. Some experiencing net connection issues. There was a mcsvhost fix coming but I expected it next month.