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McAffee Total Protection 2013

I would like to know the following: McAffee e-mailed me to advise me that my subscription to "Total Protection" runs out at the end of next month - I was urged to renew for appx £64.00 - why is it that I can buy the same program at Amazon UK for 24.95? less than half? McAffee, are you perhaps overcharging existing customers?

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Re: McAffee Total Protection 2013

Not at all, it's just that in a free market you have the choice of buying from wherever is cheapest and if Amazon happens to be that, then go for it.

I would go to your account page and make sure that auto-renewal is turned off and if you do buy a suite from elsewhere, before installing it uninstall the old one via Control Panel in the normal way, run the MCPR cleanup tool, reboot and then install the new one.

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