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McAffe slooooowing down internet connection

As it is stated in the tilte: McAffe slows down my internet connection.  After going through the awful and painful MacAffe interface, I turn off a lot of firewall settings, for example:

1) I turn off NETGUARD (what is that and what does it do I have no idea at all)

2) And other non sense settings (or fancy stuff that doesn't do anything at all) I KNOW that McAffe is sabotaging my connection because I have uninstalled it and then my computers seemed work faster and better...

Does that mean that solely Windows antivirus is better? Perhaps... But funny and ironic thing is that it happened from one day to the other, al of the sudden because you don't have issues when you are testing the software but when you already paid for it.... It works OK in the past but now I have to wait a lot for loading pages and foremost Youtube, the content loads, a couple of seconds, it stops, and then loads and so goes for ever. What a nice experience indeed.

I  also KNOW it is dues to McAffe (AKA Mc*a*fe) because I have another Android devices in my surroundings at the same time performing the same actions (let's say watching Yoututbe) and only my i7 PC with McAffe is having that issue)