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McAfee will not update

Hello everyone,

New to the community.  Was directed here from another site.  My McAfee will not update, it used to now when I try I get this error message.

Failed to initialize Common Updater subsystem.  Make sure the McAfee Framework Service is running. 

McAfee Common Framework returned error fffff95b @ 2

Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance.

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Re: McAfee will not update

Hello, Woodsea:

Hmm, that's an error message with which I am not familiar (just a self-taught end user here).

Until one of the experts arrives, you may wish to please post back with the following info, in addition to what sort of system you have (computer maker, notebook or desktop, etc), since they will likely need at least some of this info to help you:

1) What version of McAfee are you running, and was it purchased directly from McAfee or provided by your computer maker or ISP (and I assume your subscription is current?)?

2) What Windows version (XP, Vista, 7) and service pack?

3) What version of Internet Explorer (hopefully, it is IE8 as earlier versions are less secure)?

3A) How do you connect to the internet (dial-up, DSL, cable, etc)?

4) What other security programs are installed on the computer (Spybot S&D, AdAware, MBAM, SAS, etc)?
5) Have you made any recent changes to the system (new hardware or software? changes to IE settings?, etc)?

6) Is everything (except McAfee, of course) up to date, esp Windows and IE?

7) Are you experiencing any suspicious behavior on the computer to suggest an infection, such as crashes, unwelcome popups, error messages?

You may wish to download the MVT (McAfee Virtual Technician) from the "useful links" at the top of this page, run it and report back both the session ID and any findings, if any.

Hope this helps to get you started on a fix,


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Re: McAfee will not update

So far in my research of your issue, it would appear you may be using the business version of the software, which may entail you having to post your issue over there in the business community. I beleive the version may be Virus Scan Enterprise and if so the FrameworkManifest.xml may have become corrupted.

I would suggest you contact Technical Support for assistance as it is the weekend and McAfee personell may not see this till Monday. Tech Support is available 24/7

on 6/19/10 12:10:50 PM EDT
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Re: McAfee will not update

I was just going to say it sounds very much like VirusScan Enterprise to need to post in the Business section, look down the left column and you'll see VirusScan Enterprise listed, click that and post there or if this is another business product check that list for the appropriate area.

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