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McAfee update today - now I can't browse any more. Help !

I am a long-standing user of McAfee virus protection on an XP PC. I got a message displayed today, out of the blue, saying something like "you must restart your PC for the installation of McAfee to be completed".

After restarting I get the following symptoms:

1. On startup the PC displays the message "McAfee Service Host has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience".

2. I cannot browse using either IE or Chrome. Just nothing happens: I can open either browser. I have another PC (the one on which I am writing this) which is happily browsing using the same connection.

3. I user Microsoft Outlook (not Outlook Express) as my email client but it too cannot connect to the internet to collect my mail.

I cannot access McAfee technical support form this PC - presumably because it doesn't have McAfee installed.

So now I am completely stuck.

Any ideas gratefully received (or the McAfee UK phone number would help).



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Re: McAfee update today - now I can't browse any more. Help !

Please contact Technical support people 020 7949 0107

Hours of Operation: 09.00-18.00 local, Monday through Friday.

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