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McAfee turns off and won't let me scan!

I'm new to this but my Mcafee turns it's self off along with fire wall etc etc.

I have 226 days of my subscription left.

I am running Windows 7.

I have done all my updates and all my windows updates but when I check my software it says it's turned off?

When I click it to turn it back on it turns straight back off?

When I click to do a full scan I get an error and it won't scan.

I ran a stinger just in case and it found nothing..... what should I do?

I have no other problems with my laptop and evertyhing is fine except this..

I have checked up the net and this seem to be a problem all over.

Help please before I get a virus

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Re: McAfee turns off and won't let me scan!

Have you tried running MVT?

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Re: McAfee turns off and won't let me scan!

Yes and it found 91 problem and could only fix a couple

I ran it again straight away and it found a 140

I was looking for a file which I eventually found (Sorry can't remember file name off the top of my head)

Basically no change after doing this...

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Re: McAfee turns off and won't let me scan!

Is Windows 7 totally up to date, i.e. SP1 and all other updates since?

You may have malware onboard that is preventing McAfee from functioning properly so try some of the tools suggested here:

McAfee does have a virus removal service but it is expensive so let's try to clean it up here.

The installation also could be corrupted for whatever reason and then one is advised to uninstall in the normal manner via Control Panel/Programs/Uninstall a Program, then run the MCPR cleanup tool (see Useful Links at top of page), reboot and reinstall from the online account.


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