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McAfee says not fully protected all the time

Why does this always seem to come up, then I have to go to click on the "fix button".  Also, this window will not maximize so I can't click on the "Fix" button.  This never happened before.  Any ideas how to fix the window?  I've tried right clicking and try to click on maximize button but it's not highlighted for me to click on.

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Re: McAfee says not fully protected all the time

Hi Dorene,
Mcafee security center may display not protected message in various scenarios like :

Ø  if all the components have not been installed. As a result, a message pops up saying that you are not fully protected.

Ø  If any updates are not installed there will be a yellow exclamation point next to Am I Protected.

Ø  If a feature has been disabled there will be a red icon with an X next to Am I Protected.

To confirm the issue in your scenario could you please open security center and post me with the message that is displayed under the FIX button.

Also provide some additional information like ;

What is the computer’s operating system  ? (win xp / vista/7)
How is the computer currently connected to internet ? (dsl/dial up/wireless)
Do you have any other security software installed in the computer ?

Dinesh K

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