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McAfee 's support pages really !

For a while now, I have a problem with McAfee's security centre.

After updating my whole system freezes for a few minutes. Then the warning appears that I am not protected.

Clicking the repair buttons helps though, but all this is very irritating.

I have run the Virtual Technician but this tells me that there is no problem.

When I try to go to chat or email, I cannot click any option.

Why can't I just send an email!!

Give your customers an emailaddress to send their complaints!!!

We pay a lot of money for the McAfee products, but the support sucks!!

When my subsription to this stuff ends, I will go and look for something else.

My operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bits, but I had the same problem with Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bits.

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Re: McAfee 's support pages really !

Hi Eejdrijun,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused ,  As you say that mcafee fixes the problem when clicked on the fix button , I believe this should be a problem in updates.

Could you please check whether there exists any other antivirus software in control panel or its files and folders C:/program files & common files.

And regarding the issue that your unable to connect with chat / not able to click any option in the website , it should be a issue with your browser as Im able to click on the link you posted and get to the support page.Kindly try to reset your internet explorer (Open IE - click tools - click reset from advanced tab)

Do report back on the status, so that we could try our best to reolve your issue.


Dinesh K

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Re: McAfee 's support pages really !

Dear Dinz,

Yesterday I had to remove and install McAfee Internet security to get it working again. This time the problem with the update occurred but when I clicked the M-icon, nothing happened.

I am really sick and tired of the whole McAfee stuff and will go and look for something else when my subscription ends.

But when I want to cancel my subscription, the 'old' problem of not being able to click on something at the support pages occurs again!!

I will try to reach clientsupport by (expensive) telephone.

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