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McAfee provides the most poor software ever in the world!!!

To begin with I have just built a computer for my mum and tried to install McAfee security. It took absolutely ages to install bearing in mind that I have built the pc with very high spec performance hardware, AMD Phenom X4 processor with 8GB RAM. The computer kept crashing out trying to install it, eventually it installed I was not looking forward. Since then everything crashes terribly nothing works my desktop barely loads up without problems. Can't access the internet at all on her computer and I mean nothing! My processor has a 3.00GHz speed and when I checked task manager my CPU performance was shot and usage was extremely high. So I thought maybe I'll try it on my computer which yet again is a very high spec even better than my mums. It's even worse on my computer! Nothing runs fine on my computer since I have installed it and I haven't even seen what the application itself even looks like, of which I mean the security center it has never loaded for me when i click on it or try to load it from the system tray either. So 2 computers with the installed software just dont really work, its made the computers very useless. And to top things off when I tried to enter the product key on both computers it won't work at all. It doesn't accept the product key. So effectively we have lost out on spending £40 to buy the software that doesn't work at all! and has now made our PC's virtually useless. Thanks a bunch McAfee you multi-million pound money grabbers. WE ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS! JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE BECOME A POPULAR CHOICE OF SOFTWARE DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOUR 2012 EDITION AND FUTURE EDITIONS NEED LESS CARE!!! IT'S NOT ABOUT MONEY. And thanks to you Staples is the place that I bought it and now this poor business that sold the product to me is going to feel the wrath now on Monday all because you can't make software that actually works. YOU'RE MEANT TO BE A SPECIALIST IN SECURITY SOFTWARE!!!! WHERE IS MY SECURITY SOFTWARE???? IF I WANTED SOFTWARE TO RUN MY NEW COMPUTER TO THE FLOOR I WOULD OF PURPOSELY DOWNLOADED TROJAN VIRUSES.

A MEGA -5 STARS!!!!!!!!!

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Re: McAfee provides the most poor software ever in the world!!!

First of all you can get a full refund if you aren't satisfied and secondly there is free telephone and online chat Technical Support available via Useful Links at the top of this page should you choose to troubleshoot.

The usual reasons for this are security software already installed or remants thereof, an incompatible operating system/service pack, details of which might help, or in the worst case, a resident infection.

More details might help.

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Re: McAfee provides the most poor software ever in the world!!!

We understand your frustration and realize that you have spent a lot of time and effort because of this. A system with good specs, and if there happens an issue like this , it could be an incompatibilty issue with a different vendor software that is installed on the PC .  Please feel free to click on Useful links at the top of the page and get connected to our technical support experts so as they help you in diagnosing the issue and get it fixed


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