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McAfee pop-up advertisement messages

Got another one of these today - Again, advertising some sort of sale on McAfee products. I remembered to grab a screen shot this time. I've scrutinized all the available options on the McAfee Home screen/settings tabs and as far as I can tell these pop-ups cannot be disabled. McAfee has some serious explaining to do on exactly why a major name anti-virus/pop-up blocking software would be creating pop-ups of it's own. What a piece of work.

McAfee Spam.jpg


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Re: McAfee pop-up advertisement messages

I am glad I am not the only one bothered by this. I find it bad enough that by default the software browses my network to tell me if other computers running an out of date version of McAfee but now I have to put up with pop-up adds too.pop-up.jpg

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Re: McAfee pop-up advertisement messages

And here's my pop-up.  I cannot fathom what in the world McAfee is thinking....   Unbelieveable.  As a security company, they should should absolutely know better.

I called tech support, who advised me that likely my software will be expiring soon.  As you can is not...



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Re: McAfee pop-up advertisement messages

Please try this workaround and let me know your results.

  • Open your McAfee product by clicking the M icon on the desktop or near the system clock.
  • Click Navigation in the top right corner
  • Under Settings, Click General Settings and Alerts
  • Expand the Access Protection drawer and uncheck Use Access Protection
  • Click Apply
  • Restart your computer
  • Enable back the Access Protection
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Re: McAfee pop-up advertisement messages

I am also having this problem, but I'm hesitant to disable/enable access protection, as proposed by Aldrin. Has anyone tried this and found it successful.

It's hard to believe McAfee doesn't provide a more obvious way to turn off advertisement pop-ups.

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