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McAfee not protecting my computer

After running Virtual Technician, my McSield.exe is not working.  I can't scan my computer and McAfee has been updating the last 24 hours.  I cannot download the chat program so I can't talk to anyone.  My computer had to do a restore yesterday when I turned it on, why I don't know.  An update must have corrupted Windows Vista 64.  I have a reinstall disk, but my computer is a year old and my internet connection is based on an aircard (no 3g avail).  So it is slow.  Can anyone help me?  I can't seem to find my way around the McAfee website.

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Re: McAfee not protecting my computer


Click on start click on RUN.

Type in services.msc click ok.

Check for Mcafee McShield Enable it if it is disable.

And Could u also tell me if u suspect any virus infection on ur computer.


Syed Tabrez

( Mcafee Technical Support)

Re: McAfee not protecting my computer

Thankyou, but after about 4 hours McAfee finally completed the download and everything seems to be working.  I scanned my computer and nothing was found.  I guess all the issues were caused because of McAfee trying to update the files that were missing.  I am going to run the virtual technician again to make sure everything is correct.