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McAfee makes my internet slow. Help !!!


Since I installed McAfee in my laptop my internet is slow. I am not more able to video talk on skype, the call is cutting all the time, the download speed got very slow, to watch movies on youtube is taking ages and so on... And all this started when I got McAfee on my laptop.

Just as an example, in my laptop one file is being downloaded at 130kb/s and in one other computer that I have without McAfee the download is working at 600kb/s.

I wonder if I need to set up a new configuration on my internet or if the problem will be just solved if I uninstall the McAfee. How do I uninstall McAfee if I dont have a CD? Can I install it later if I wish and still have it registerd?

I am using the latest versions of Google Chrome and Skype and I just bought my laptop one month ago.

My computer is a Intel I3-2310 2.1Ghz, 4 GB RAM, W7 Home Premium.

Can someone please help me? Do I need to provide more information?

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Re: McAfee makes my internet slow. Help !!!

You can alway try to run the McAfee Virtual Technician found at the top of this page under Useful Links in the Technical Support link. MVT will scan your computer for any McAfee issues and will attempt to fix them if any are found.

If you want to try to do a uninstall as long as you have registered your software with the using a valid email address and password, then by all means please do so. Uninstall the software via Add/Remove programs and reboot the computer. Go to Useful links at the top of this page and run the MCPR removal tool and reboot again. When you are ready to install the software login to your online McAfee account and download and install again.

You could always try to contact Technical Support chat but chances are they would suggest you do what I just have suggested.

Let us know if this resolves your concerns

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Re: McAfee makes my internet slow. Help !!!

Tom is correct, this is exactly how you would be advised to proceed if you called McAfee.  The problem is.. IT DOESN'T WORK!  I had all the same problems that you listed above, including being unable to get updates from McAfee.. my computer was continuously in high risk status.  After first trying Virtual Technician, I went to customer support, and they told me i probably had a virus that was preventing the updates from installing, so they sent me to tech support.  Tech support ran a virus check and found nothing.. even though I knew I had to have a virus on my computer.  They sent me back to customer support.. again.   Keep in mind, I was never able to be transferred.. I always had to hang up and call another number and re-explain the entire drama.  Two hours later, and still sitting on hold at customer support.. I gave up.  I took my computer in to my trusted repair guy who advised me to ditch McAfee because of ALL the problems it creates (why do you think they had to create virtual technician?)  I am not renewing my subscription.. uninstalled McAfee, and now have the FREE anti-virus protection from Microsoft.  My computer runs like a charm now.  And by the way.. the FREE software from Microsoft found four trojan viruses on my computer all categorized as "serious"- when the McAfee tech said he found nothing. 

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