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McAfee keeps deactivating

when i reinstalled windows 7 on my pc i had problems activating my mcafee security it went straight on to trail version.

i phoned tech support and the lady guided me to install mcafee and login during the installation. This worked but however now it keeps deactivating.

everytime i reinstall it, it works for about 5mins and then deactivates itself. when i uninstall the program however it says *Your have 356 days of antivirus left do you wish to uninstall*.

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Re: McAfee keeps deactivating

Hi Nathan,

Please click on the M icon (on  the task bar) and click verify subscription.

If still McAfee says its about to be deactivated , kindly follow the steps outlined here that should take care of the issue .


Re: McAfee keeps deactivating

hi i allready verifyed my subscription and it says its been verified however it still remains deactivated i followed ur link and it was a dead page.

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Re: McAfee keeps deactivating

Hi Nathan,

The page  not  working might be temporary glitch , I can access it even right now, I would suggest you to click on Useful links at the top of this page and then click on Technical  support and get connected to out chat technicians so as they could help you deactivate the unused PC and get this PC activated and resolve the issue (The FAQ, Jai posted actually consisted this information


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