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McAfee fouling Adobe Digital Editions?

I am having trouble running Adobe Digital Editions. This package should run a one off authorisation protocol for my computer against my adobe id and store a key in the computer somewhere, but each time I start the program it asks me for authorisation again. The authorisation key seems not to be being written. The folk at adobe suggest it could be a problem caused by the settings of my security system. My windows xp machine has mcAfee Internet security suite installed. Could you tell me if you think this problem with ADE could be caused by the way the security is set up, and if so what I could do to fix it? Cheers

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Re: McAfee fouling Adobe Digital Editions?

Ok I do not use it so guessing.

Some thoughts

1. To authorise does the program requre net access ensure it is allowed full access in the Internet connection for programs section of the Firewall settings

2. Check if netguard is blocking the Ip it is connecting to. Netguard is in the firewall settings.

2b Disable firewall and see if it connects.

3. Call tech support and ask them why this happening. Do this after you find out from adobe support what exe is doing the authorisation checking?

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