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McAfee failed to block sdra64.exe!!

My friends were looking at a website from their respective computers which turned out to be a bad website.

We found out it was bad b/c one of my friend's antivirus systems popped up a red alert box telling him it had blocked some sort of malicious attempt (he had Avast).  Since it was blocked his computer was fine.

My other friend though had McAfee and he got a yellow box from McAfee telling him something was trying to change his system and asking if he would block or allow it.  Of course he chose to block it, but afterwards his computer froze.  When he restarted the computer the icons on his desktop were gone as well as his start menu.  There was just a blank desktop background.

We disconnected him from internet and managed to run Malwarebytes on it through task manager (which still functioned through control-alt-delete), and it found something called "sdra64.exe" among other related things.  They were listed under vendors, Malware.trace, Hijack.userinit, and  He is very upset because a bit of googling revealed that the thing had likely stolen some data, and he will have to reinstall his OS to be completely safe, not to mention contact all his banks etc.

I recently got a 36 month subscription for McAfee through dell, and after seeing my friend's fiasco I want to get a refund.

I paid an extra $40 to get the 36 month subscription (the default that comes with the computer is 15months).

But both McAfee and Dell are refusing to give a refund:

McAfee says my subscription shows up as a "free" installation because it was factory installed by Dell, so can't refund anything,

and Dell says they can't refund any software that came pre-installed.

So no one claims responsibility for the $40 I paid for McAfee, which kind of disappeared into thin air I guess as McAfee does not recognize that I paid anything for their service.

In any case I find the performance of McAfee in this episode very disappointing, from a technical virus-blocking perspective as well as a customer service perspective!

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Re: McAfee failed to block sdra64.exe!!

Sorry to hear about your issue. I cannot help you about the refund issue as you need to take that up with Dell customer service as it appears you purchased from them.

As for you other issue see this document for suggestions in dealing with virus and malware. You could try running the Stinger which is mentioned in the scan and see if it finds anything.

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Re: McAfee failed to block sdra64.exe!!

I think they make the antivirus so horrible to make some extra cash from the Virus Removal service, or they are just failing really really bad, will NEVER buy Mcafee again.