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McAfee constantly turning off firewall

My husbands computer is the 'main' computer and mine is covered under a multi McAfee licence.  Ever since he renewed our membership for cover McAfee is constantly turning off my firewall.  My husbands computer is completely fine.

I've done everything I can think of.  There are no outstanding windows updates and I can't find any evidence of problems on my system.  Can anyone help as it's driving me potty!

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Re: McAfee constantly turning off firewall

Hi el1sab3th,

Kindly provide me some more info that i can provide you some wrok around ;

May i know the version of your McAfee ? Operating Sytem with Bit ?

Please open run command - services.msc - look for base filter engine and windows firewall ( In the left and side you will be see a start or a restart option , if it is already started you will be able to see both start and restart button ) - If it not start then click on start and give you are getting any error ; Take a screen shot and post here.

Please open run command - sevices.msc - look for McAfee personal firewall - Let me whether it's in started or pause mode ( Take a screen shot and post here ).

Please open McAfee - Firewall - Firewall setting's ( Take a screen shot and post here ).

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Re: McAfee constantly turning off firewall


Check the below threads, you may find a solution for your problem

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