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Re: McAfee asking me for permission instead of making its own decissions knows , upload the file and see what the results are, its mostlikely legit but just to be sure

As previously mentioned McAfee doesn't have a vast knowledge of programs it knows, as you see chorme is not one of them and keep in mind that chrome is a browser used by 70million users (Source)i think its easyer to say the ones it knows , very very very few , of all the applications i use McAfee doesn't have any information(doesn't know what decisions to take in other words) on more then 90% of them , only Some windows files+1-2 more but thats about it , i guess McAfee finds it easyer to give all your programs outgoing internet access by default and stamp a Your computer is secure!(no action required) sign on the shiny interface rather then adding more programs to the list,detecting more malware and improving their products,new technologies etc that's work, and no one likes work right?  , it's not like keyloggers or other very nasty stuff that can communicate freely with the internet and send your passwords or other data away, but of course such programs are detected and removed from your PC instantly cause your protected by the largest dedicated security company so thers no risc, the support team can confirm  ! :-)

Also mate i see from the screen shot posted by you that you don't have protection during startup enabled, trust me you don't want that staying unchecked.

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Re: McAfee asking me for permission instead of making its own decissions

I have the same problem

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Re: McAfee asking me for permission instead of making its own decissions

I guess the only solution is that we have to do what McAfee is paid for to do

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