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McAfee and Wireless Printing

As a technical consultant, I was asked to resolve a problem with a fairly new Win7 Dell laptop and a Dell P513w (wireless) printer.

The printer appeared to install OK and worked fine with two XP machines, but when attemping to use from the Win7 laptop it gave "Communication Not Available" messages.

After much investigation on the internet, following many unfruitful threads, I finally removed the McAfee security software supplied as a trial with the Dell laptop.  PROBLEM SOLVED!

The Win 7 laptop now has AVG (free) anti-virus and works fine.  Oh, and on checking - guess what the other machines DON'T have for anti-virus - McAfee.  One was Norton, the other AVG.

Given the number of problems I have had with McAfee over the years, as a freelance computer consultant, I shall no longer endorse the use of McAfee.  I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

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Re: McAfee and Wireless Printing

Moved to General Discussion from SiteAdvisor as a more appropriate spot although this is probably a network or firewall configuration issue.   I've noticed all your posts are just negative comments and never actually asking for help.

This is a peer to peer support site mainly with McAfee staff only dropping in from time to time.  There is 24/7 free support available online where technicians can link to your machine(s) and troubleshoot such issues.


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Re: McAfee and Wireless Printing

Hi Peter,

In order to block risky connections and attempts to access the ports on PC’s  Personal Firewall correctly blocks ports including TCP ports 135-139 for your protection.  You could add the particular exe of the application to McAfee firewall permission list which could have allowed access for the printer .


Re: McAfee and Wireless Printing

Thanks Jai, much appreciated, but I have stopped using McAfee and am now using AVG without any problems.

NOTE FOR MCAFEE STAFF: - I would have thought that McAfee should flag up anything it is blocking so that the user as least has some clue that this is happening?