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McAfee Total Protection or McAfee No Protection

I am VERY dissapointed with McAfee Total Protection.

I formated my computer and I install McAfee again. But when I try a full scan, computer shuts down. I also notice that during full scan  it uses the 100% of CPU resources !!!

I unistalled McAfee and I also use MCPR and I installed McAfee again. But the problem still goin on.

For many years now, I am a customer of McAfee products . I even recomend them to my friends and all bought McAfee.

But McAfee SHOULD resolve the problem. Is UNACCEPTABLE  to  try a full scan and my computer shuts down because of McAfee and also to use 100% of CPU resources.

Totay we have 24/10/2011. If in 24 hours McAfee will not resolve the problem, I will ask a refund and I will tell to the other 40 people who bought McAfee to drop it and go for another company.

As I said I am a customer of McAfee for many years now but I wont hesitate to NEVER use McAfee anymore.

I am wondering why they name it Total Protection. Where is the so called  protection? cpu uses 100% of the resources, computer shuts down during full scan, if that is Total Protection, then I am Mother Teresa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: McAfee Total Protection or McAfee No Protection

Sorry for your frustration, Kindly provide us the  below information so as we could help you in getting this diagnosed .

What is the computers Operating system ? Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7

What is the version of McAfee Virus scan :

DAT version:

RAM size of the computer ?


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Re: McAfee Total Protection or McAfee No Protection

Yeah, rightSmiley Happy

You expecting me to provide you operating system, DAT version, RAM size?

Hello? is NOT a hardware problem. Is McAfee problem. Instead of you guys FIX the problems, you just act strainge !!  Many users of McAfee has problems with YOUR products and the only thing you do is to ASKING  about USELESS things, instead of FIX FIX FIX the problem with your products.

Anyway, I will not give you any info because I already unistall McAfee and I informed 32 more people to do that. Once upon a time McAfee was good.

Goodbye McAfee Total Protection, hello ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

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