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McAfee Total Protection is a Joke

I havae been a customer for many years now, never even thought of going to a new protection. Here is my daughters computer had virus's get past the virus protection. Called for help because I thought this was part of the service they provided. They want to charge  me $129.99 for a one time fee to fix something I thought was covered anyways. It is not my fault their software coudn't detect every virus that slps through, and now they want to charge me for something they should cover anyways. What happes next time something slips throught their so called total protection? I get charged $129.99 every time in addition to my renewal fee for the program every year? Sad to say, but my contract is up in October, but I will be getting another virus protection before then that hopefully has better customer service.

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Re: McAfee Total Protection is a Joke

It's a fact that any antivirus maker charges for one-on-one service and also a fact that no antivirus, no matter what brand, is 100% guaranteed.  Unfortunate I know but true.

However the use of that service is purely voluntary.

Whilst the paid service is great for those who can afford it and have no time to research the issue, there is always a free alternative, see the last link in signature below for just a few suggestions.

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