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McAfee Total Protection 2012 or 2011

I have McAfee Total Protection 2011 installed on 2 notebooks. They expire soon therefore I renewed my subscription for McAfee Total Protection 2011 with upgrade to 2012.

I was wondering if anyone can confirm that my McAfee Total Protection 2012 is actually Indeed Total Protection 2012 and Up to date by looking at the information i am providing details of my "about" section.


- Versio: 11.0

- McAfee Security Centre 11.0.654

- Last update: 13/06/2012

- Online subscription

- OS: Windows 7, fully up to date / all of the softwares are updated on my notebooks.

- MVT says all is well

- etc.

So with that being said and all, I am just currious and would like to know 100% with out a doubt that I have "McAfee Total Protection 2012" running on my computers and are all up to date with current engines and etc. It would be nice if it said "McAfeeTotal Protection 2012" upon startup or on the UI.

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Re: McAfee Total Protection 2012 or 2011

It isn't really but everything depends on your subscription being current...updates/upgrades are automatic in that case.

The actual 2012 version if one could call it that is still in beta testing, see HERE for more information.

The products out there on store shelves and online are labelled 2012 more due to a marketing strategy and competitive reasons than anything else but, as I said, they will keep updating as long as the subscription is current.

Re: McAfee Total Protection 2012 or 2011

Hi Peter,

Thank youfor your feedback!

Just correct me if I am wrong, please.

When I renewedmy subscription on Internet and the store popup the version of 2012 as an onlyone option basically I renewed my previous version of 2011.

One yearago, also left only few days till end of my subscription and did it (renewprocess) and in the next minute I got the new version (even if the subscriptionwasn’t experied.

If I order fromAmazon [Link]that is beta version?

Since 2004,this is the first time when I am not so happy with McAfee…



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Re: McAfee Total Protection 2012 or 2011

You renewed your subscription for one more year which will include all upgrades to whatever the version.

The beta version is only available through that link I posted, nowhere else.   You shouldn't use beta on a machine you use all the time as there is no regular support.

Your regular subscription will update eventually to SecurityCenter 12 which is the official 2012 version.