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McAfee Takes Over My Computer

Increasingly McAfee is "taking over" my computer.  The hard drive is laboring.  Access to programs and the internet is being denied out right or slowed.  It is interfering with my work.  The only way I have been able to fix it is to turn off real-time scanning.  McAfee makes it labor-intensive to turn this feature off.  I must prefer the Carbonite -- pause feature that is easy to engage and easy to disengage.  Are there any settings that I might be missing?  I don't want to drop McAfee because I am a long term user, but I just can't continue to have this interference with my work.  Thoughts?  Ideas? 

Thank you in advance.

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Re: McAfee Takes Over My Computer

Could you give us some details please?

  • Your operating system and service pack.
  • The versions of each McAfee software - from opening the SecurityCenter and then clicking 'About' or Navigation and then About - scroll down to see them all
  • Also do you use all of the various parts?
  • Details of your computer - type, CPU, installed memory (RAM), free hard drive space, etc.
  • Any indication of infection?
  • Any other security software installed?

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Re: McAfee Takes Over My Computer

Thank You Peter for responding:

Here are the answers to your questions:

McAfee Configuration. 

McAfee Service Center

Version: 11.0

Build:  11.0.669

Last update:  5/8/2012

McAfee VirusScan

Version: 15.0.300

Build: 15.0.300

Last Update: 5/8/12

McAfee Personal Firewall

Version: 12.0

Build: 12.0.351

Last Update: 5/8/2012

McAfee SiteAdvisor

Version: 3.4


Installed but not used -- too intrusive

McAfee QuickClean and Shredder

Version: 11.0

Build: 11.0.418

Late Update: 4/25/2012

Recently installed to help eliminate temp files and junk that might be adding to this problem.

Laptop Configuration:

Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1

Toshiba Satellite E025

RAM:   4.0 GB (3.8 usable)

Hard Drive:  366 GB free of 456

64-Bit Operating System

I have no other security software running (I learned that hard lesson a couple of years ago)

There is no evidence of infection

This "taking over" doesn't occur all the time - but 4-5 times a week and always when I am working on a complex, time-sensitive project.  When it occurs, I look to see what is running.  Occassionally (1 in 100 times) a McAfee scan is going on and I pause it.  Sometimes Carbonite is preparing to backup and I can pause that process.  Typically turning off real-time scan will stop the issue - although I wish it were easier to do instead of making me go to the McAfee Center and work thru multiple menus.  A right click on the icon in the tray would be a great add.  On occassion I have to go in and end the McAfee process using Task Manager.

The reason that I'm trying to resolve this now is that my subscription is coming up for renewal and I have to make a decision.  I have a backup laptop and keep the operating systems, McAfee, and Carbonite versions/licenses synchronized.  I like the potection McAfee and Carbonite together provide so I would prefer to keep them.

Again, thank you!

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Re: McAfee Takes Over My Computer

Do you mean a Satellite E205 rather 025?   In which case it's more than adequate for the software and it appears that you just have the basics installed anyway, so no stuff to clear out.

In my experience high usage of resources occurs when either an update is happening or a scan is in progress.

So you could tell it to notify you first before updating on the main SecurityCenter home screen > Updates > Settings (Dismiss any notice that may be there first) Change it to "Notify me when updates are available"

You could turn scheduled scanning off altogether and just do a manual scan when you want to and running a Custom Scan can be adjusted quite extensively in Settings and make sure the box is checked next to 'Scan using minimal resources'.

That way it uses less resources but takes longer.

Another thing to watch is people often have a habit of letting their email inboxes pile up - and VirusScan always scans it, so best to clear it out, make special folders for them.

You can also get Technical Support totally free of charge via the link under Useful Links at the top of this page - via phone or online chat.   They are well equipped to troubleshoot such issues.


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Re: McAfee Takes Over My Computer

There's one other thing you could try.   Find the Carbonite process in Firewall Settings: Web and Email Protection > Firewall > Internet Connections for Programs > Turn off Netguard for that process.   (Hint: on that tab you can arrange everything alphabetically by clicking Program and the top).  Once you have found it, highlight that line and click the Edit button.  Try turning off Netguard and see if that makes a difference.

It's an extra level of security that was added relatively recently and some people have found this can cure similar issues with other software.

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