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McAfee Shredder is in Progress, but Stuck



The McAfee shredder I'm using is trying to shred a file that's not there, so it has been stuck at 83% for more than an hour now. Please advice.


- Thanks

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Re: McAfee Shredder is in Progress, but Stuck


We understand the issue you are facing with McAfee Shredder trying to shred a file which is not on your computer and causing the scan to get stuck at 83%. Please try closing McAfee and restarting your machine, once the machine is restarted, open McAfee and check for update. Please make sure McAfee is up to date with Version 16.0 R19, then try shredding again and see if it’s still gets stuck on the same file or stuck at 83%. Also take a note of the file name McAfee is trying to shred which is not on the machine and reply to us.

Please let us know if this step was helpful with your concern.