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McAfee Renewal Pop-Ups

I have been a user of McAfee for a decades.  I'm getting so sick of this company messing with my security when I'm 45 days from renewal.  Makes me want to switch vendors for the 2nd time in my life.  You shouldn't be disabling anything, just because I'm not paying you well ahead of time for renewal.  What is wrong with this picture & business?  Then, you tell me I can't disable them while making it appear that I'm at risk?  Risk for what?  My product should be working through the entire period of time I paid for it; not when McAfee decides to put annoying pop-ups all over the place.  This is more than pissing me off, and I'm looking at switching to Norton.  See if they do this kind of nonsense to MY computer!  This is not your machine to toy with ... KNOCK IT OFF!