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McAfee Personal Firewall notification missing file name and path

In a recent update of McAfee Personal Firewall the notifactions have become useless.

When an application request access to internet I have a notifaction asking me to choose between "Block", "Allow Once", "Allow outgoing access" and "Allow Always".

The problem is that now McAfee do not display anything else than a application name to let me decide, a name with is just useless 90% of the time.

For example the last notification I got asked to allow access to an app named "remsh". 

Cool... how am I supposed to decide if I allow or block if I don't have the path and filename? "remsh" seems to be a component of Windows 10 update, but other reported it as a malware.

In previous versions of McAfee Personal Firewall the full path and exact filename of the file was available, now just a useless application name.


Am I the only one finding it a very bad regression (= BUG) and which need a fix?



Windows 10 Pro 64bit 

McAfee Total Protection
Version: 16.0
Release Name: 16.0 R7

McAfee Personal Firewall
Version: 17.7
Build: 17.7.127
Last update: 14/01/2018

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Re: McAfee Personal Firewall notification missing file name and path

@ganesh_rajur @ymdfarhan @Karthik_K

Cuold one of you kindly assist this customer please?

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Re: McAfee Personal Firewall notification missing file name and path

That's what I'm talking about.

It's just impossible now to know what program/process the Firewall is talking about. No filename, no path, nothing at all. To decide to allow or block connection it's a lottery now as it's impossible to decide.

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