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McAfee Not starting custom scan at correct time

I have McAfee total internet protection 2011 installed on my laptop running Windows 7 64 bit version  with I.E 8

I set McAfee to custom scan every Friday at 3PM I have set the correct time and region on my laptop and ticked the box to auto change from BST to GMT the clock is showing the correct date and time (I use the AM/PM format) I have only just installed the McAfee a week ago so it has only done 1 scan but although it scaned on the correct day it did not scan at the correct time instead of  scanning at 3PM it did not start until 4.05PM

Can anyone explain why it did not start at the correct time.

On the McAfee Home page it says the next scan will be on the 26th Nov at 3PM so I know that I set it correctly. 

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Re: McAfee Not starting custom scan at correct time

Just curious if you were using the computer at the time it was supposed to start the automatic scan as sometimes any activity will delay the starting time by a longer timeframe. My scan usually starts about 45 minutes after the scheduled time and I have mine set at 1:00 am when everyone is sleeping.

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Re: McAfee Not starting custom scan at correct time

As Tom said this version has Smart timer that tries to not update  dats or run scans when the pC is in use. This done as many users were  annoyed updates slowed what they were doing in the old version. Problem  now is touching the mouse within 10 minutes of due time will hold off  the update or scan. this can go on for a while till it forces an update.

We have requested this feature to be user enabled rather than default  enabled in the new beta version but we are unsure if this feature added.

Mine starts fine

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Re: McAfee Not starting custom scan at correct time

Many thanks for your replies KT3G and peace keeper. I do not have a mouse I am using the touchpad and 2 buttons in front of the touchpad. As regards the scan you mention that if the PC is in use that can delay the scan and updates but it does not seem to affect the updates I allow MCAfee to auto update and it tells me on the home page what time the next update will be installed and it installes the update at the correct time I know because a message appears above the task bar telling me they have been installed and when I look at the clock I see they were installed at the correct time it even if I am using the laptop at the time I have unticked the box that says only scan when plugged in but have left the box ticked stating scan using minumial resources. My battery lasts for 12 hours so I don't have any problems with low power that might effect it.

Peachkeeper you mentioned a beta version can you give me more details about this version. Can either of you tell me if it is possible to set the font style and size like you can in Windows Live email so that I don't have to keep changing it everytime I post a discussion or a reply on the McAfee site.

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Re: McAfee Not starting custom scan at correct time

Hi goldstar,

Regarding McAfee not starting a Scheduled scan,

Could you please provide me some descriptions of your computer ?
Did the computer came preinstalled with Windows 7 or an upgrade
Internet explorer/Firefox ? Which among these is set as the default browser ?
Do you have any other third party virus scanner installed ?

Please run McAfee virtual technician from here:  and let know your session id -

Regarding the BETA version ;

McAfee  provides you with latest and most innovative software, and you give us feedback on your experience before the software is officially released to consumers. We’ll gather information from you about the effectiveness of the software so that we can resolve any issues that may arise. You can find more information on beta on

Regarding, saving the Font style and settings;

Currently this board doesnt have that feature, but its been requested and worked upon.


Dinesh K

McAfee Online Community Moderator

on 12/9/10 5:34:55 AM GMT-06:00
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