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McAfee Internet Security

What is the McAfee position on the effectiveness of their Internet Security (the free one right now) products when running on Windows XP in Safe Mode for malicious software suspicions.

I don't care about real time protection.  I just want to run a malicious software scan right now and McAfee hangs when I run in Normal mode, so I think I will see what happens in Safe Mode.

I think some applications would lose their effectiveness when run in Safe Mode, some suggest it, some say don't do it, some have no opinion.

I don't need to hear things like "It might work, it should work, try it, I think it will be fine", etc.

My hope is that McAfee would be able to make clear unambiguous statements like:

We do not recommend you run in Safe Mode because (list of reasons)...

McAfee scans in Safe Mode are not as effective as scans in Normal mode because (list of reasons)...

If you run in Safe Mode, the following things will not work the same as if you run in Normal mode (list the things that will not work or not be effective).

There is no absolutely no difference in running a scan in Safe Mode or Normal mode.

Running a scan in Safe Mode is exactly the same as running a scan in Normal mode.

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