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McAfee Internet Security

I have downloaded the McAfee internet security suite offered through my phone company as an upgrade to the AT&T internet security suite. After downloading the suite, and clicking on the icon to open it to do a scan, all I get is an empty box. The McAfee virtual technician says there are no problems with the download, and the site advisor works fine. Can you please assist me with this problem?

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McAfee Employee

Re: McAfee Internet Security

There are a couple known issues.  If you have Internet Explorer v8 beta, updating that would fix it.

Might also be a Windows JScript update required.

The easiest do-it-yourself fix could be to uninstall McAfee completely and reinstall again.  There are occasionally conflicts that occur when different builds of McAfee product are installed on the same machine.  From Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, you can manually uninstall McAfee.  For a completely thorough removal, you may then run the McAfee Product Removal tool:

Then reinstall from AT&T.

Since you're a new customer, with this new installation, you know you can talk to a McAfee Support technician for free, for 30-days.  See the red box on the top right.  Hope this helps.

Product Manager, McAfee Consumer Software
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