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Re: McAfee Installer: Install.exe - Bad Image

There is one consumer article that covers a very specific issue with Windows 7.

For details see, TS102613 Error: Install.exe - Bad Image (when you attempt to install the McAfee Security Suite)

I would like to take a moment to share a search tip. I provide advanced search course training for McAfee Employees, but would like to share some quick tips:

  • The more words you type in  to the search field, the more results you get.
  • Thus fewer words is better.
  • Try to only add key words. Pick key words is essential. for example in this case two of the key words are bad and image.
  • Search Results for:
    bad image = 16 articles, top article is TS102613
    Install.exe - Bad Image = 18 articles, top article is TS102613
  • Double quotes is a simple powerful search technique.
    "bad image" = 1 article

IMPORTANT: Only use double quotes when you are 100% sure that the two words exist side by side. This simple technique can help locate your content  quickly and help remove clutter.

There are other search features like search for title only and the use of Boolean Operands, that this search engine can also handle. If the search tips is helpful, I will look to set up a blog to share other search techniques.


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