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McAfee Installation failed

Hi everybody,

                              I tried to install McAfee Antivirus software which i download from the Mcafee account on windows XP SP3 machine with IE 8.  90 % looks like the antivirus software was successfully installed, but nearly completed stage, Its shows that McAfee installation was incomplete. I windows appears that try to install the McAfee technician, then i install and run the McAfee technician on the machine. But even McAfee Techinician also unable to installed.

              Then i decided to reinstall the Mcafee antivirus software . then first i tried to uninstall  the incomplete mcafee software using MCPR tool provided by McAfee itself. But unexpectedly, MCPR also unable to start.

What should i do....

    i attach the printscreen jpg file with this mail.

                   Please suggest. ASAP.




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Re: McAfee Installation failed

You have posted so many problems that I think your only hope is Technical Support, it is free and available by phone or online chat and listed under Useful Links at the top of this page.

Or see "Asia Pacific (APAC)" here:


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