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McAfee - Ignore Keylogger

I'd like to install Ardamax Keylogger on my PC to monitor what's going on ... When i install it and it starts the program McAfee shows an alert and gives me the option to ignore this issue. However when it scans the disc for viruses it discovers it and puts it into quarantaine. Although i restore it, McAfee does the same thing every time ... that's anoying!

Does somebody know how to tell McAfee to ignore that files/software?

thx jacob

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Re: McAfee - Ignore Keylogger

Hi jacob,

The below article would help you in recovering a file that is quarantined by virus scan .


Dinesh K

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Re: McAfee - Ignore Keylogger

In order to stop detection you would have to temporarily disable VirusScan for as long as it takes to report it to the Threat Center who may send you an extra.dat to stop its detection in the future.

See this discussion regarding how to do that:

That said, it's extremely unlikely that a keylogger would ever be cleared because of its nature, but one can hope.

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