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McAfee Hangs and must be shut down while browsing tabs

Good Evening,

I recently posted about another issue, actually not even 15 minutes ago and I'm sorry if another post this recent could be considered spam. But, I noticed while trying to bring my previous issue to a close another problem has arisen. While browsing through my McAfee Security Center (The one downloaded through an MSN package) I notice when clicking between some menus the Security Center stops responding and must be closed. When I reopen the Security Center it is at the tab that I clicked on before it stopped responding and appears to be working normally until I try to click on another tab. A few of the primary problem tabs are Configure Network and MSN Links. This may, but I'm hoping not, have something to do with a recent scare I had which showed some odd symptoms. I turned on my PC last Friday and when the computer finished booting as normal, three instances of My Documents opened on their own, then soon after about 7-10 instances of Firefox opened, I went into panic mode and did every sort of scan I could think of including a McAfee virus scan, Hi-Jack This, and Malwarebytes. These all turned up negative, besides Hi-Jack This which just showed me some suspicious non-important files which I promptly deleted.

NOTE: Deleted that prior thread discussed here, I resolved the issue. But this issue still stands.

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