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McAfee Easily Bypassed and Disabled - Ideas? Comments?

     I'm running McAfee Security Suite on Windows XP Home with all the latest updates for both, but when any family member is browsing the internet, we're constantly being hit with "redirects" and "drive-by malware downloads" which seem to easily bypass and disable Mcafee. This is followed by me manually cleaning out all the changes to the browser, system, etc or often using various "outside" detection and removal programs that i can find on the web.

     A couple of months ago I switched to Firefox thinking it might be IE at the root of the problem, but that hasn't seemed to slow the problem, and it doesn't explain why Mcafee is so ineffective at stopping the malicious programs from running to begin with. I can see a new variant or two slipping by every once and awhile, but this is ridiculous... I'm paying for security, but I'm the one doing all the work, lol.

      Anyone have any ideas or comments to help me get this under control??

      Also, is there not a way to password protect McAfee from outside sources changing the Security Suite program?

     Thank you in advance for any help!

     - Nail

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