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McAfee Doesn't Stay Activated

Yeah, I know. We have covered this before, but do ya think it can be fixed?

Yeah, that's what I want to do is sit here each evening and stare at my computer screen, wondering if the McAfee geeks can figure this problem out or how much business is being funneled to the online geek squad.

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Re: McAfee Doesn't Stay Activated

I altered the trade name to the correct spelling as I doubt support would be too willing to help if you appear to be mocking them.  If that wasn't the intention and it was simply a mistake then sorry.

Run the MVT to see if it fixes anything:

If not then best to phone Technical Support, it's a free call and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

That's if you don't want to go through the obvious fix which would be to uninstall via Control Panel/Programs, then run the MCPR cleanup tool (also linked above), reboot and reinstall from your online account.

This sort of thing can happen for a number of reasons, among them incomplete upgrades from one edition to the next, use of registry cleaners etc.


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