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McAfee Deleting Emails without Permission


I cannot loging to my Adult Friend Finder affiliate account because McAfee deletes my password reset confirmation code emails before I can read them. Every time I download the emails they pop-up in my inbox and disappear. I've tried changing my McAfee setting to not destroying my emails, but the options are all grayed out because I don't have a vaild subscription and don't play on renewing my service due to the fact that I now have Windows Security Essentials. I tried uninstalling McAfee in my control panel, but it requires a restart to complete and the work I am doing is too important for me to do a system restart due to the fact that the computer sucks and it could take as much as an hour for me turn on the computer, open the programs I need, and re-open everything that I am working on.

I also can't find any options in Outlook for blocking McAfee. If a McAfee employee cannot respond with a fix that won't cost me time and money withing an hour I believe that I should receive a free lifetime subsription in exchange for not using this as an opportunity to populate the business category of the rants and raves section of my new nearly finished website in a manner likely to result in search engine traffic for the McAfee brand name and ultimately revenue from PPC & affiliate ads promoting competing products that would eventually compensate me for my time.

This is the second time this week that I have been unable to receive emails from a service I use. The other was an offshore hosting service that provides bulletproof hosting for auto-blogs and other services, so at first I thought McAfee was deleting their emails to the fact that they host spam servers sometimes, but AFF is legitimate service that shouldn't end up in junk mail let alone deleted. This leads me to suspect that I have been unable to receive legitimate emails from numorous sources at no fault of my own due to this bug. One would think that McAfee wouldn't screw with a computer at all without a valid subscription.

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Re: McAfee Deleting Emails without Permission

Nevermind, I got my email just by restarting Outlook post McAfee uninstall. I still could be more satisfied thought.

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