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McAfee Automatically Deletes "Viruses"

Hi everyone,

   I just got some new specs for my gaming computer yesterday and since I have Cox internet, I installed McAfee because it comes with my internet. Last night after several hours of setting things up, McAfee went on a "Virus" deletion spree. As far as I know it deleted DefragExpress(Defragger), Dxtory(Recording Software), Sony Vegas 11(Editing Software For School), and a whole bunch of my games installed to C:\\Program Files(x86)\Steam\. It allso installed some rubbish addons for web browsers and useless software that takes up space. I'm extreemly furious that McAfee did this. Now I know why I uninstalled it 5 years ago. Is there any way to stop this non-sense? Please let me know and thank you very much for your time! 

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Re: McAfee Automatically Deletes "Viruses"

What operating system and service pack is this and what version of McAfee SecurityCenter do you have?

If McAfee identified files erroneously, check this out:

See: To send it to the Threat Center outside of Security Center..... onwards.

If they are in the quarantine folder then they have been suspected of malicious activity and the labs need to know if that is a mistake.

As far as "rubbish addons" are concerned I assume you mean SiteAdvisor.  Well it's designed to warn against dangerous websites which most people regard as a good safety measure.  If you don't want that uninstall it in  your browser Tools/Add-Ons or go to Control Panel and remove McAfee Security, it should ask you what components you want to remove.

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