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Malfunctioning Downloader

For some unknown reason, McAfee showed itself as being "deactivated" so I deleted it.  When I tried to reinstall it, it would not load, from the wesite and cd downloader.  Anyone  know what's wrong with my McAfee thing?

P.S. - My thing expires on March 2012, so it's not because it really expired.

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Re: Malfunctioning Downloader

Hi there,

Kindly update us with the below details

What is the error message that you encounter while to trying to download McAfee programs ? Please provide us with a screen shot of the error

What is the operating system of the computer ?

How many computer do you use at home ?


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Re: Malfunctioning Downloader

Messages - Installation failed

I think its 64-bit

I only use one

P.S. - One of the technicians fixed it for me last week, but the problem arose a few days ago so should I contact them again?

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