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MacAfee vs JavaScript

Does McAfee block Javascript? I encounter an error when I surfing the net that JavaScript is not enabled. I check all the settings and it shows clearly that JavaScript is enabled. I performed a test and disabled McAfee and went back to the same website where I got the JavaScript error and it loaded no problem. So, again does McAfee block JavaScript? Is there a setting or steps I can take to resolve this issue?

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Level 21

Re: MacAfee vs JavaScript

No it doesn't block it.  I've seen that reaction on occasion and usually redisplaying the page allows it.   I'm not too sure why it happens but it seems to be a browser issue.

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Level 12

Re: MacAfee vs JavaScript

Probably the Java Script in Manage Add-ons would be disabled... just try this...

Open Internet Explorer> click on Tools> Internet Options> Programs> Manage Add-ons> Look for Java if anything found disabled then enable it and re-try the website... (check the screenshot for more info)

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